About us

Minority Businesses Matters powers London’s ethnic minority business success. We support ethnic minority businesses to become suppliers of leading brands and the public sector.

The delivery partners

Who are we?

Minority Business Matters is a partnership between Heart of the City, which helps London’s small businesses kickstart their responsible business journeys and MSDUK, the UK’s leading supplier diversity organisation.

Together, we set up Minority Business Matters to overcome the challenges London’s ethnic minority businesses often face when seeking public and private sector business opportunities.

About Heart of the City

Heart of the City logo

Heart of the City is a charity working with companies across London to encourage them to do business responsibly, to have a genuine positive impact on their community, workforce and environment.

Heart of the City runs Foundations for Responsible Business, developed to accelerate your work on sustainability and responsible business. Delivered through a series of online workshops, 1:1 and in-person networking, you’ll be able to develop your responsible business strategy which will put you in a better position to win contracts.

They also lead Climate for SMEs: 4 Steps to Action, a specialised course tailored for SMEs addresses the challenge of the climate crisis, offering a practical, four-module approach to help create a net-zero action plan, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve net-zero status by 2040.


MSDUK logo

MSDUK helps and supports non-white ethnic minority businesses to (EMBs) to break through inequalities and barriers in public and private sector supply chains. They lead in connecting EMBs across the UK with organisations committed to supplier diversity, helping them achieve business growth.

Their high growth programmes for EMBs offer a range of education and growth such as the MSDUK Accelerator and Pathway to High Growth Programme as well as the opportunity to win investment through the Innovation Challenge.

MSDUK provides a community where members gain valuable knowledge, connections, and peer-to-peer learning, with the added opportunity to connect and build relationships with global corporations.

The Funders

UK Government
Funded by
UK Government

The UK Government serves as a funder, allocating public resources to support essential services, infrastructure, and welfare programs, while also implementing fiscal policies to manage the country’s economic well-being.

Mayor of London
Supported by
Mayor of London

They play a key role in allocating city resources and funding to various sectors, including transportation, housing, and community initiatives.

Levelling Up
Levelling Up

The Levelling Up White Paper (LUWP) sets out our 12 ambitious missions to address regional disparities across the UK, reduce crime in the worst-affected areas, put more money in the pockets of those who need it most, and transform the UK economy by generating higher paid, higher skilled jobs and new investment.


The UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) is the Government’s domestic replacement for the European Structural and Investment Programme (ESIF). It provides local authorities with funding for communities, places, businesses, people and skills.

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